Volunteer With Animal Services      

If you enjoy working with animals, the City’s Animal services is looking for dedicated volunteers (18 years of age or older) for dog walking, cat grooming, pet cuddling and fostering pets. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please complete the  application form  and submit it to Mississauga Animal Services  shelter . Volunteer opportunities include: Dog walking Cat cuddling …

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Peel Renovates Homeowners’ Renovation Assistance       

Region of Peel is offering seniors, persons with disabilities, low to moderate income individuals and families the opportunity to apply for homeowner funding to address safety and accessibility concerns in their homes. You may be eligible if you: Have an annual household income of no more than $60,000 (gross income) Are a Canadian citizen or …

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Streetsville Secondary School 60th Anniversary

I am very excited to report that my alma mater, Streetsville Secondary School, will be celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2018. The details of this anniversary celebration are as follows: Streetsville Secondary School 60th Anniversary Celebration Saturday, June 2, 2018 12pm Streetsville Secondary School 72 Joymar Dr, Mississauga, ON L5M 1G3 There will be Decade …

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New MiWay Service Changes   

MiWay has implemented new service changes, based on recent customer feedback, which will improve service, frequency and GO connections on some routes. Customers travelling on Route 29 Park Royal-Homelands and Route 38 Creditview will experience improved connections to GO stations. MiWay is also adding additional trips on several routes including Route 42 Derry and 61A …

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Vision Zero Road Safety Approach Approved by Council  

I am very pleased to report that City Council passed a resolution this week to adopt Vision Zero, a framework which focuses on the prevention of fatalities and injuries due to motor vehicle collisions. Vision Zero is a concept based on shared responsibilities among partners involved in the road system including politicians, planners, police, community …

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Should Peel Stores Stay Open on Stat Holidays?   

The Region of Peel is reviewing shopping in Peel on statutory holidays and is considering whether Peel stores should stay open on statutory holidays.  The Region wants to hear from Peel residents on this important issue. Whether you are a resident of Peel, retail worker or retail business owner, you can share your thoughts with …

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Curbside Battery Collection Update

As you may know, since 2016 the Region of Peel has been running a curbside battery collection pilot program, whereby household batteries are collected curbside twice per year in an effort to divert these items from the landfill. I am very pleased to report that this pilot program has been quite successful thus far in …

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Switch to PRESTO and Save

Consider switching to PRESTO when you board a MiWay bus this year and you can save on fares.  Most of MiWay’s fares including PRESTO fares have been frozen as of January 29, 2018, with the exception of cash fares and paper tickets. It’s easy to load, tap and ride MiWay with PRESTO.  PRESTO makes up …

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City Requests Support from 2018 Federal and Provincial Budgets for Top City Priorities

The federal and provincial governments are in the process of preparing their 2018 budgets and Council adopted a resolution to seek ongoing support for the City’s top priorities and initiatives, which are as follows: strategic transit investments sustainable infrastructure funding legislative changes city-building initiatives affordable housing and partnerships The City is requesting federal and provincial …

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Share Your Big Ideas for the City’s Smart City Plan 

The City of Mississauga wants residents and businesses to share their big ideas on how technology, data and innovation could make Mississauga even better. The City is hosting public engagement sessions and an online engagement site to generate ideas for a Smart City Master Plan and the City’s submission to the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge.  Public sessions will …

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