2015 City and Region Budgets

This year, residents will see a 2.2 per cent increase on their total tax bill.  This means an increase of $92 on a home assessed at $479,000 or $19.30 per $100,000 of assessment.  The 2015 City budget includes a $694.8 million operating budget, which is used to deliver services like transit, parks, forestry, recreation, roads and stormwater management, and fire and emergency services.  The 2015 City budget also includes a $195.2 million capital budget, which supports transportation projects like the new Transitway, road and bridge rehabilitation and other infrastructure projects like park facilities and storm drainage.  The City budget ensures that services will be improved and important investments will be made in public transit, recreation centres, and neighbourhood safety.  Some highlights of the 2015 budget include:

  • Transit services are increasing to meet the growing demand.  MiWay will add 41,000 service hours and new express routes along the Mississauga Transitway.
  • Capital projects like the Meadowvale Community Centre renovation will continue to improve recreation and community services.
  • The Mississauga Library system will receive increases in funding for library collections. 
  • An Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) will make the City’s traffic control system more efficient and responsive to changing traffic conditions.
  • The two per cent Capital Infrastructure and Debt Repayment Levy will help the City pay for its infrastructure.  The City needs about $128 million per year.  Current sources of funding, including property taxes, reserve funds and gas taxes, will still leave the City short about $60 million.
  • City staff identified $6.2 million in savings for 2015 through efficiencies. These savings have ensured the costs to maintain existing service levels remain below the rate of inflation.

The Region’s budget includes an operating budget of $2 billion and a capital budget of $0.4 billion. The current budget provides resources to support day-to-day operations. The capital budget provides resources to acquire, improve or maintain land, buildings, roads, watermains, pumping stations, machinery and equipment, to install computer software, and to conduct studies relating to corporate assets. The 2015 Region of Peel budget provides funding to support the following regional services:

  • 17,000 Ontario Works cases per month
  • 583,000 accessible transportation trips
  • 20,716 social housing units/beds/homes
  • 7,800 subsidized child care spaces provided annually, 1,427 which are reserved for children with special needs
  • 1,655.5-lane kilometres of roads, 172 structures and 452 signalized intersections
  • More than 500,000 tonnes of waste managed per year
  • Provide 703 beds, including four temporary beds, in our five long term care homes
  • 50,000 children are offered dental screening annually, 11,000 of whom are in need of urgent treatment
  • 663 million litres per day of wastewater collected and treated
  • 608 million litres per day of municipal water treated, transmitted, and distributed
  • 19,500 more Regionally controlled trips for accessible transportation services
  • Additional 2,555 paramedic service hours to address an increase in 9-1-1 calls
  • 300 additional child care subsidies
  • 100 additional housing rent subsidies

For more information about the 2015 City and Region budgets, please visit www.mississauga.ca/budget or www.peelregion.ca.

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