2019 Snow Clearing Operations

Winter is now upon us, and we can certainly feel the colder temperatures in the air! When the snow falls this winter, City crews and snow plows will be available to help clear roads, on-street bike lanes, sidewalks and other City infrastructure. The City is responsible for clearing:

  • 5,600 lane kilometres of roads and on-street bike lanes
  • 1,600 lane kilometres of priority sidewalks
  • 3,400 bus stops
  • 90 kilometres of roadside multi-use trails
  • Over 1,000 pedestrian crossings

The City’s snow clearing service levels are as follows:

  • Major roads and on-street bike lanes are cleared first to allow emergency and transit vehicles to travel, followed by residential roads, priority sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bus stops and designated roadside multi-use trails.
  • Roads and on-street bike lanes are salted if snowfall is less than eight centimetres, and plowed and salted if snowfall is more than eight centimetres.
  • Residential roads, priority sidewalks and bus stops are cleared within 24 to 36 hours after the end of a snowfall.
  • Residential roads are not cleared to bare pavement, but we make them passable and safe for emergency vehicles to travel. Some snow pack may remain.
  • Advanced weather monitoring and salt trucks equipped with on-board technology are used to control road salt use. Our goal is to maintain road safety and limit the impact of salt on the environment.

During a snowfall, residents can assist the City’s snow clearing operations by:

  • Removing parked cars, garbage and recycling bins from residential roads during a snowfall to allow snow plows to clear the street. During snow clearing, temporary parking permits will not be issued and current ones will be suspended.
  • Being good neighbours by clearing their sidewalks and walkways from snow and ice as soon as possible after a snowfall, and offering to help seniors and people with disabilities who may need assistance.
  • Driving according to weather conditions and giving snow plows lots of space as they clear the roads.
  • Using salt wisely to minimize the impact of salt on the environment by following manufacturer instructions to only apply salt in the right amounts, under the right conditions.

For the latest updates during a snowfall, you may:

  • Follow @MississaugaSnow on Twitter
  • Call 3-1-1 (or 905-615-4311 outside city limits)

For more information about snow clearing in the city, visit mississauga.ca/snow.

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