About Ward 11

Mississauga was created in 1974 with 9 Wards, each representing about 25,000 residents. Over the past thirty years, the largely rural areas of Ward 6 and 9 grew to the point where they were double the size of an average Ward.

As a result, two new Wards were added to Mississauga in 2006 to more evenly divide the population over 11 Wards.

Ward 11 is located in north-west Mississauga and encompasses the communities of Streetsville, Credit Mills, Meadowvale Village, Meadowvale South, Credit Valley, Levi Creek, and Meadowvale Business Park.

Ward 11 is an interesting mix of old and new, centred along the beautiful Credit River Valley. Approximately 60,000 people live in the Ward 11 community.Ward 11 Map

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