Budget Committee Considers New and Increased Fees and Charges for 2021

  • Budget Committee considered new and increased fees and charges for 2021
  • Changes include the following:
    • Recreation fees have a proposed base increase of 3 per cent. Some programs, such as advanced aquatics leadership courses, have recommended an above average increase due to increased operating costs and certification fees.
    • Transportation and Works has introduced two new fees in the Works Operations and Maintenance Division for Road Occupancy Permits for utility-related maintenance works ($25 per permit) in addition to a non-compliance fee of $190 related to inspections.
    • U-Pass (UTM Student pass) fees will increase as per contract and charter service rates will be adjusted for inflation. In addition, MiWay has introduced two new fees to offset the costs of restoration of on-street transit infrastructure due to road construction and closures. A Transitway Access Permit Fee of $250 per application and a MiWay Stop Infrastructure permit review fee of $400 per stop location have been added.
  • Additional revenue of approximately $1.9 million is expected from the increases and new fees
  • The revenue from the fees and charges will alleviate some pressures on the property tax rate in 2021
  • The next Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 23, 2020.
  • Final approval of the City of Mississauga’s Budget will follow approval of the Region of Peel Budget.

For more information, visit mississauga.ca/budget

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