Credit Meadows Park Expansion

The City is expanding Credit Meadows (Ward 11) to the north, connecting the park with the former Harris Lands.  This expansion will provide new park space, trails and two pedestrian bridges and is supported by the Credit River Park Strategy (2013).

Public engagement for the park was completed as part of the Credit River Park Strategy (2013). Additionally, public engagement for the pedestrian bridge locations and connecting trails was completed as part of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (2021) (MCEA) process.  The MCEA was completed in March 2021 confirming the preferred route as Alternative 3 – Southern Route for pedestrian bridge locations and connecting trails. The Credit Meadows park expansion will follow the recommendations of the MCEA and be developed in phases over time.

The following park features will be included in Phase 1 of construction, as budget allows:

  • Existing laneway and entrance improvements off Creditview Road
  • Parking
  • 2 Pedestrian bridges crossing the Credit River
  • Multi-use trails and connections to bridges
  • Natural areas protection and enhancement
  • Interpretive signage

A temporary construction access route from Creditview Road through the southern portion of Credit Meadows is required to construct the pedestrian bridges. In order to minimize re-work and limit disturbance to the area, the City is proposing to align the construction access route with the future multi-use trail planned for Credit Meadows within the southern portion.  The trail alignment will connect the existing parking lot at Creditview Road to the pedestrian bridges while minimizing disturbance to existing trees, natural areas, woodlands and meadows.  Phase 1 construction is scheduled for 2022.

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