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Encroachment on City-Owned Property     

I have had a number of questions about encroachments onto City property, so I thought I would provide you with some information on this issue.  Encroachment is any use of City-owned land by individuals for their own purposes, including man-made objects or items of personal property. Property owners cannot encroach on the public land and by definition this includes any aerial, surface or subsurface encroachments of an adjacent City-owned property like parklands, greenbelts, road allowances and easements per the Encroachment By-law 0057-04, as amended.
Examples of encroachments include:
  • Composters
  • Fences and sheds
  • Lighting
  • Playground equipment
  • Dumping
  • Irrigations systems
  • Flower and vegetable gardens
  • Unauthorized mowing, cutting or pruning
  • Unauthorized removal of grass, turf, ground cover, wildflowers, shrubs or trees
The City monitors encroachments in natural areas to prevent environmental damage and to protect existing natural areas.  Owners must keep the areas next to their property in its natural state. Encroachments can damage the natural environment and cause irreparable damage to sensitive ecosystems. Natural ecosystems in our parks, woodlands and greenbelts play a crucial role in flood prevention, erosion control, protecting air and water quality, and provide valuable wildlife habitat.

A Municipal Law Enforcement Officer will assess the property and adjacent land where the encroachment has been reported. Written notification will be provided to the property owner to fix the encroachment and return the public lands to their former conditions.

Residents who would like to install or maintain an authorized encroachment can apply for a Minor Encroachment Permit by contacting the City of Mississauga’s Realty Services, or apply for a Boulevard Garden Permit by visiting mississauga.ca/twforms.
Encroachment quick facts
  • Did you know that the City right-of-way (legal right) includes boulevards?
  • A boulevard is the grassed section between a sidewalk and the road or, if there is no sidewalk, the grassed section from the road which can extend onto a front lawn. This area may include a ditch.  The size and area of a boulevard can vary.
  • The City carries out various maintenance activities throughout the year within the road allowance, including boulevards. These activities include sidewalk and curb repair, road surface maintenance, and snow plowing.
  • The City is not responsible for damage to private property that has been placed on, above or under City boulevards. This includes installed sprinkler heads, decorative planters or other structures.
  • According to the City of Mississauga’s Encroachment By-law 57-04, as amended, (see mississauga.ca/bylaws) a resident who is encroaching on the City right-of-way can be given notice to remove any unauthorized encroachments.

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