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Improvements to Silver Fox Forest

This year, through a grant from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TDFEF), the City’s Forestry Section and volunteers made improvements to Silver Fox Forest.  This woodland, located on Danthorpe Drive, recently felt the effects of the Emerald Ash Borer and had dead and dying ash trees removed from the park.  TDFEF funds were used to replace three interpretive signs in the park. With these new signs, you can now walk through the forest and learn about the history of Silver Fox Forest, trees and other plants found in the park and the animals that call this urban forest home.
Volunteer days were held in the park for local schools to dig in and plant trees.  Area residents also volunteered to remove invasive plants from the forest and added new wood chips to the trails.  The project was a great success because of the dedicated and passionate students and residents who volunteered their time.  Ongoing stewardship of Silver Fox will be required, and I encourage volunteers to continue to take part activities such as invasive species removal.  Volunteer events can be requested by calling 3-1-1 or visiting www.onemilliontrees.ca .

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