Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program

The federal government is providing $33 billion through the Government of Canada’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) to cost-share projects under four streams: 1. Public Transit; 2. Community, Culture and Recreation; 3. Green Infrastructure and 4. Rural and Northern Communities.

The ICIP is a ten-year federal infrastructure program designed to create long-term economic growth, build inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities and support a low-carbon economy. 

Under the Public Transit stream, a total of $339 million in federal funding and $282.5 million in provincial funding has been allocated to the City of Mississauga over the next 10 years. The primary focus is for new transit projects and active transportation infrastructure directly connected to the public transit system.  The City has put forward a list of transit projects totaling $847.5 million.  These projects include Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) lanes along Lakeshore and Dundas corridors, as well as the purchase of 409 new hybrid-electric buses to green the transit fleet and help achieve GHG reduction targets.

The Community, Culture and Recreation stream is different as it is application based with no guarantee that projects will be approved. The program will provide approximately $407 million in federal funding and $320 million in provincial funding to support projects across Ontario that improve access to and quality of community, cultural and recreation infrastructure.  The City will be applying for almost $133 million for community and recreational infrastructure projects such as the rehabilitation of the Public Marina and Waterfront Park development, and the South Common Community Centre and Library.

Projects for both streams were selected based on the program criteria and knowing they could not begin until after ICIP approval is received and that they must be substantially complete by March 2027.  Please find below a list of proposed City projects:

List of proposed City projects:

ICIP – Public Transit Stream Projects Total Cost
Bus replacement program $359.7 M
Dundas BRT lanes – Confederation to Etobicoke $305.7M
Lakeshore BRT lanes – Deta Rd. to East Ave. $54.6M
Express Corridors $49.5M
Bus Maintenance/Rehab $44.1M
Presto $10M
Cycle Tracks $4M
Bus Shelters $3.8M
Farebox Refurbishment $2M
Bus Terminals $1.6M
Bus stops/pads $1M
Enhanced Partitions $0.7M
Mini Terminals/Bays $0.7M
MiWay Signs $0.7M
Transit Vehicles (non-buses) $0.4M
Revenue Equipment Replacement $0.1M
Total Cost $847.5M
ICIP – Community, Culture and Recreation Stream Projects  
South Common Community Centre and Library $61.6M
Public Marina and Waterfront Park $71.3M
Total Cost $132.9M

All projects were approved by Council on November 6th and submitted by the deadline of November 12, 2019.

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