Mississauga’s First Transportation Master Plan Approved

The City’s first Transportation Master Plan (TMP)was recently approved by Council. The plan aims to keep Mississauga moving and continue to build a transit-oriented city where people can easily move across the city and beyond, to get to school, work, shopping or activities, while helping businesses with the efficient movement of goods and services. The TMP is the result of Mississauga Moves, a two-year study that combined research and analysis with public engagement. The City analysed transportation and transit data, policies, future trends and international best practices. Public engagement took place in-person and online. The new TMP outlines a vision, six goals and over 90 action items to guide the future of the City’s transportation system from today to 2041. The TMP will also advance Vision Zero, a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and injuries. The highlights of the plan are as follows: Vision 

  • The TMP lays out a vision for providing mobility in our city from today to 2041:  In Mississauga, everyone and everything will have the freedom to move safely, easily and efficiently to anywhere at any time.


  • The vision will be realized through six goals:

1. Safety: Freedom from Harm

  • Safe conditions for all travellers, advancing Vision Zero by supporting hazard-free travel and striving for zero fatalities.

2. Inclusion: Freedom from Barriers

  • An accessible network, where moving is easy regardless of a person’s age, ability, income or familiarity with the city.

3. Integration: Freedom of Choice

  • An integrated network, where people and goods have viable options for moving within and beyond the city.

4. Connectivity: Freedom of Access

  • Simple and pleasant connections between people and the places and things they need to prosper.

5. Health: Freedom to Flourish

  • Support for the health of people and the planet, with more people-powered trips, lower vehicle emissions and better stewardship of the natural environment.

6. Resilience: Freedom to Evolve

  • Leadership in adapting to changes that reshape the transportation system and how it is used.

Action Plan

  • The TMP is future-focused and includes over 90 proposed actions to implement the plan over the short term (1-5 years), medium (6 – 15 years) and long term (16+years). Actions in the TMP will be built into staff work plans over the coming years. Progress on the actions of the TMP will be tracked and reported annually.

For more information about the TMP, visit www.yoursay.mississauga.ca/transportation-masterplan.

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