2019 Snow Clearing Information

Colder temperatures and morning frosts have already made their mark in Mississauga and snow won’t be far behind.  The City will be clearing 5,600 lane kilometres of roads and on-street bike lanes, 1,600 linear kilometres of priority sidewalks, 3,400 bus stops, 95 kilometres of roadside multi-use trails and over 1,000 pedestrian crossings. Residents can get …

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Slower Residential Street Speed Limits

I am pleased to report that City Council recently passed amendments to the City’s Traffic By-law that will lower speed limits in many residential areas across the city, including Ward 11 neighbourhoods, from 50 to 40 kilometres per hour (km/h). The City will be lowering speed limits on residential streets as the Government of Ontario has …

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Report a Problem Using Pingstreet

Have you noticed long grass that needs cutting or a light in need of repair on private property? Perhaps you’ve noticed litter, graffiti or washroom facilities not functioning properly in one of our parks? You can now report these issues and many more using Pingstreet – a free mobile app. Using a smartphone or tablet, residents …

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Boulevard Pollinator Gardens

The City of Mississauga is now waiving all permit fees  associated with residents who want to plant pollinator flowers and plants on their boulevards. The City aims to support residents who want to plant pollinator flowers and plants to help support the bee and pollinator insect population.Mississauga has many pollinator projects that support pollinator habitats, including the  One Million …

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Mississauga is a Bee City

Pollination is the process of transferring pollen from the male to the female part of the plant. It is a critical part of a plant’s lifecycle and allows the plant to produce seeds and fruit. Seeds and fruit are what allow a plant to create new plants. Pollinators are insects such as bees, butterflies, wasps, …

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Check Out Mississauga’s Recreation Programs

If you and your family are looking to get active this fall and all year round, be sure to check out the great recreation programs that the City offers! Drumming Fit is one of Mississauga’s newest programs. It will be widely available to all residents this winter and will offer intense, gentle and therapeutic options.  At …

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40th Anniversary of The Mississauga Miracle

November 10, 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the largest peacetime evacuation in Northern America at that time and has been dubbed by many as The Mississauga Miracle. On November 10, 1979, a Canadian Pacific (CP) train lost one of its wheels, resulting in the derailment of 24 cars carrying six dangerous ingredients – propane, caustic …

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MiWay 5 Public Information Sessions

MiWay will be hosting five public information sessions regarding the 2020 MiWay Five Service Plan from Tuesday, Oct. 15 to Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019 to obtain community feedback and consider amendments to the 2020 proposed service plan. Residents can provide their feedback in-person or through www.mivoice.ca – MiWay’s online forum. The new Kipling Station and …

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New Digital Squad Helping Main Street Small Businesses

The City of Mississauga recently unveiled its new Digital Service Squad (DSS) with a launch event in downtown Streetsville. The DSS consists of three digital technology specialists who work with local Business Improvement Area Associations (BIAs) to support main street storefront small business owners to enhance their digital presence. This includes helping them adopt digital tools …

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Wildlife Safety Tips

There have been some coyote sightings in the Ward 11 community as of late, so I would like to share with you some useful tips, provided by Animal Services, regarding how to safeguard your family and property, and what to do if you encounter a coyote. Coyotes are naturally shy and avoid humans. However, access to …

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