EarlyON Child and Family Centres

If you have children 6 years of age or under and are looking for free, high-quality drop-in programs, be sure to check out EarlyON Child and Family Centres.  The centres support families seeking convenient, accessible, play-based learning activities with their children.  At the centres, your child can: Learn through play. Enjoy quality time with family …

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Library Improves Access to Technology

The Library now offers more resources to improve access to technology for everyone who lives, works or goes to school in the city.  The following resources will help you get connected: Virtual Library Card The Library is offering customers the option to register for a library card online. The virtual library card enables customers to …

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How to Thaw Frozen Water Pipes

During the cold winter season, it is possible that water pipes may become frozen, so it is important to know how to thaw a frozen water pipe quickly and correctly. Take these 3 simple steps to avoid a burst pipe and flooding: Step 1: Find the frozen section of the pipe. (Frozen sections are often …

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Use Less Road Salt This Winter

The salt we spread on roads, sidewalks, parking lots and driveways doesn’t disappear when snow and ice melts. Salt mixes with water from melting snow and rain, then enters our rivers and lakes.  Over time, salt levels in rivers and lakes can harm wildlife, the environment and the quality of our drinking water sources. Here …

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When Winter Weather Hits, Keep Parked Cars off Your Street

As a friendly reminder, when it snows, please remember to keep parked cars off residential streets to leave room for salters and plows to clear the way for emergency vehicles and residents. Parked cars can block the way for equipment, which slows down snow clearing. Ideally, parked vehicles should stay off the street until clearing …

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Region of Peel Council Approves 2019 Budget

Regional Council has approved the 2020 Operating and Capital Budget.  The 2020 Regional Budget includes a property tax increase of 1.5 percent which will contribute an annual increase to the average residential property and small business property tax bills of $70 and $126 respectively.  Additionally, the average home will see an increase to their utility bill …

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2020-2023 Business Plan and 2020 Budget

Please be advised that City Council has approved the 2020-2023 Business Plan and 2020 Budget. Of every property tax dollar 35 per cent goes to the City; the rest is split among the Region of Peel at 45 per cent and Province of Ontario at 20 per cent. For 2020, the overall residential property tax increase will …

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Waste Management Public Workshops

Please be advised that the Region of Peel will be hosting public workshops where residents may provide feedback and comments on funding for waste services in the future.  The workshop details are as follows: March 2, 2020 6.30-8.30p.m. Vic Johnston Community Centre, Hazel McCallion Hall 335 Church St, Mississauga The workshop will discuss the following: …

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Peel 2041 Official Plan Review

In keeping with the Government of Ontario’s Planning Act , the Region must update its Official Plan every 5 years. This mandatory update ensures that official plan policies stay current with Provincial plan and policy changes.  Peel 2041 is the current Regional Official Plan review. The Region of Peel must also conduct a Municipal Comprehensive Review.  A Municipal Comprehensive …

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City Financial Assistance Programs for Older Adults

If you are an older adult living in Mississauga and you meet financial assistance criteria, you may be eligible for City financial assistance programs for older adults.  Here is a snapshot of the City financial assistance programs for older adults: Property Tax Rebate Program The City of Mississauga offers a tax rebate on annual property …

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