2018 Community Rides 

It’s time to grab your bicycle and get ready for the 2018 Community Rides, which are already underway throughout the City. These rides will continue into the fall season and are a great way to learn where to ride in our city and meet your neighbours. Community Rides are free, guided bike rides designed to …

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Let’s Play In The Park 2018 Program – Neebin Park 

If you and your kids are looking to get out and get active in our community this summer, be sure to bring your kids to “Let’s Play in the Park” which is a free, half day drop in play program for children 6-12 yrs. This supervised program is operated by qualified leaders trained in the …

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Streetsville Canada Day Celebration  

If you’re looking for an amazing Canada Day celebration to attend this year, look no further than downtown Streetsville! So, bring your friends and family down to the Village Square to check out the great activities and spectacular fireworks display! The Streetsville Canada Day celebration will be held on Sunday, July 1, 2018.  This is …

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Stormwater in the Spring   

Now that spring rains are here, residents often start thinking about stormwater around their home. Many have questions about how the City manages stormwater from rain events. The City’s stormwater system carries stormwater away from homes and businesses to keep people, properties and the natural environment safe. There are many parts to this complex system …

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2018 Road Resurfacing Program 

Please be advised that the City’s 2018 Road Resurfacing Program is now underway around the city and some Ward 11 streets will be resurfaced as part of this program As part of the program, the City of Mississauga uses a pavement information system to determine which streets will be resurfaced in any given year. Pavement …

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Road Closures- 2018 Bread & Honey Festival   

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the wonderful Bread & Honey Festival! This year’s festival will be bigger and better than ever, and I hope to see you and your family there. I will be sending out a Bread & Honey Festival e-newsletter with more information about the 2018 festival shortly. Moreover, …

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Streetsville Pollinator Showcase Garden Event  

As you may know from my previous e-newsletter,the City of Mississauga was awarded a total of $18,000 by Scotts Canada Limited to build pollinator-friendly gardens. Pollinators are very important for our environment. Without the assistance of pollinators, most plants are unable to produce fruits and seeds, which are essential food sources for people and wildlife. …

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Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services is Turning 50! 

Did you know that Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services is turning 50 this year? Bring your friends and family to the official ceremony and community open house to celebrate this milestone anniversary. The fun starts on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 10 a.m. and runs until 2 p.m. Help us reach the goal of filling …

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MiWay Introduces New Express Route on Derry Road 

MiWay has introduced a new weekday express route along Derry Road between Meadowvale Town Centre and Westwood Square. The new Route 104 – Derry Express will operate from Monday to Friday during morning and afternoon rush hours and will only stop at major intersections. This new express Route 104 will complement the existing local service, Route 42 – Derry. This …

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Get Your Free MiWay Freedom Pass This Summer 

Summer is almost here and what better way to enjoy the season than with your free Miway Freedom Pass. Mississauga youth aged 12 to 14 years can apply for the Freedom Pass . Youth can ride MiWay and access indoor and outdoor City pools from July 1 to August 31 for free. With the Freedom Pass, youth …

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