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Should Peel Stores Stay Open on Stat Holidays?   

The Region of Peel is reviewing shopping in Peel on statutory holidays and is considering whether Peel stores should stay open on statutory holidays.  The Region wants to hear from Peel residents on this important issue.
Whether you are a resident of Peel, retail worker or retail business owner, you can share your thoughts with the Region in two ways:
Currently, retail holiday closures are based on the Retail Business Holidays Act (RBHA), which is provincial legislation.  On June 8, 2017, our Regional Council directed staff to work toward a ‘made-in-Peel’ approach to regulate retail business closures on statutory holidays.
Peel staff is consulting with the public and industry stakeholders, such as businesses and retail workers, before enacting a Peel Region Retail Holiday Closure By-law.  Staff plans to combine its background research with its community engagement results to present Regional Council with a recommended approach on retail holiday closures in mid-2018.

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