Slower Residential Street Speed Limits

I am pleased to report that City Council recently passed amendments to the City’s Traffic By-law that will lower speed limits in many residential areas across the city, including Ward 11 neighbourhoods, from 50 to 40 kilometres per hour (km/h).

The City will be lowering speed limits on residential streets as the Government of Ontario has passed new legislation under the Safer School Zones Act (Bill 65) that amended the Highway Traffic Act, allowing municipalities to designate areas where speed limits can be lower than 50 km/h.

As a Vision Zero city, the City of Mississauga is committed to providing safe travel conditions for everyone and striving to achieve the Vision Zero goal of zero fatalities on our roads in Mississauga.  As you may know, Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe mobility for all.  First implemented in Sweden, Vision Zero has proved successful across Europe and is now gaining momentum in major cities across the world.

Lowering speed limits in our local neighbourhoods is integral to achieving Vision Zero and ensuring safe travel conditions for everyone, as it is widely known that higher vehicle speeds increase both the likelihood of collisions and the severity of their effects.  Lowering speed limits will promote and encourage active transportation by making it safer for everyone to walk, ride, and commute around the city.  Lowering speed limits, along with speed enforcement, will also help to address speeding in our neighbourhoods and keep pedestrians and cyclists safe.

Roadways that are eligible for 40 km/h speed limits include single lane local roadways and minor collector roadways.  Specialized area speed limit signs will be installed at all entry and exit points of neighbourhoods with 40 km/h speed limits.

I am also pleased to report that, as part of this program, 40 km/h speed limits will be implemented in several Ward 11 neighbourhoods this year, including neighbourhoods in Streetsville.  The neighbourhoods where 40 km/h speed limits will be implemented include the area bounded by:

  • Britannia Rd W to the north, the Credit River to the east, Eglinton Ave W to the south, and Mississauga Rd/Queen St S to the west

As this program expands over the coming months, I will provide more details as to the locations and timing of each project.  For more information about this program, please visit the City of Mississauga’s Road Safety webpage at

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