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Traffic Calming on Alpha Mills Road

I am very pleased to report that traffic calming measures are currently being implemented on Alpha Mills Road.  To promote traffic calming in this area, Alpha Mills Road will be narrowed at two points mid-block between Falconer Drive and the railway tracks.  This work will serve to physically narrow the roadway, in an effort to reduce travel speeds and reduce the amount of aggressive driving incidents.
Once this work is completed, staff will review the roadway to determine the appropriate pavement markings for this area. Staff anticipates that a yellow centreline will be beneficial and the addition of white edge lines will benefit the overall operation of the roadway.
Additional work is planned at the intersection of Alpha Mills Road and Falconer Drive which will improve the curb alignments and allow for better crosswalk placement.  Optimally aligned crosswalks will also benefit the overall operation of this intersection.  If you have any questions about this work, please contact Colin Patterson, Road Safety, at colin.patterson@mississauga.ca or 905-615-3200 ext.5145.

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