2019 – 2022 Business Plan and 2019 Budget

As I advised in my January 2019 E-Newsletter, Budget Committee, which is composed of Mayor and Council, met last month to discuss and vote on the 2019 – 2022 Business Plan and 2019 Budget . Council has approved the 2019 – 2022 Business Plan and 2019 Budget .
This year, the impact of the budget is an $83.08 increase on the City’s portion of the property tax on an average residential property valued at $645,000 or $12.88 per $100,000 of assessment.
In 2019, Mississauga residents will see more transit service hours, additional transit security and public safety and more proactive fire prevention education. This is in addition to road, traffic and other infrastructure improvements, winter road maintenance, recreation programs, libraries and parks. A $3.1 million in cost savings has been realized in this budget. This is equivalent to reducing the City tax levy by 0.6 per cent.
Highlights of the 2019 Business Plan and Budget are as follows:
  • The total increase in Mississauga’s residential property tax will be 2.90 per cent. The increase includes 1.56 per cent for City services and 1.34 per cent for Region of Peel services.
  • The City advances on its Strategic Plan in 2019 by adding approximately $9.9 million worth of new services, including:
    • 31,000 additional MiWay service hours
    • increased investment in transit enforcement and public safety
    • continued redevelopment of the Small Arms Inspection Building, the City’s newest arts and cultural facility
  • Council did not approve the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) Capital Funding Levy of $1 million in the 2019 Budget.
The 2019 Stormwater Program operating budget, excluding transfers to reserves, is $11.96 million. Highlights of the business plan include development of a comprehensive asset management plan, infrastructure improvements, flood relief improvement projects and community outreach activities. The Stormwater Charge rate for 2019 is $106.1 per stormwater billing unit. For more details on the City’s budget and the budgeting process, visit mississauga.ca/budget.

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