New Parking Master Plan

The City of Mississauga has developed its first  Parking Master Plan and Implementation Strategy . The plan outlines how local parking will evolve as the City continues to grow and transform. 

The Parking Master Plan is the result of a two-year study that gathered input from decision-makers, parking providers and parking users. Engagement activities included in-person workshops, one-on-one interviews, a project website, social media and online surveys. 

According to the plan, the goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of current and future parking resources and to use parking as a tool to support city building. 

The plan focuses on a neighbourhood or precinct approach to parking management that reflects the specific character and needs of each area. Four parking precincts are recommended, each with its own goals and parking management principles. The plan’s recommendations are designed to help meet the requirements of each neighbourhood while setting out a future vision for the city as a whole. 

Other recommendations include:

  • Review and update the parking supply requirements of the City’s Zoning By-law; establish maximum parking requirements
  • Review the City’s Payment-in-Lieu-of Parking program 
  • Eliminate the requirement for residents to petition for Lower Driveway Boulevard Parking where it is allowed
  • Develop a digital on-street parking permit program
  • Establish a new Parking Division operating under the City’s Transportation and Works Department  

The proposed overall timeline for most of the plan’s recommendations is two to five years, from 2020 to 2025. For more information about the plan and to read the entire plan, please visit .

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