Preliminary 2020 – 2023 Business Plan and 2020 Budget

The City’s Preliminary 2020 – 2023 Business Plan and 2020 Budget have been released and will be considered by Budget Committee and Council over the next few months. The annual City Budget and Business Plan describes how the City plans to bring in revenue and invest taxpayer dollars to deliver programs and services. The City budget pays for the over 200 front-line services, including public transit to libraries, to snow clearing, fire and emergency services and more. The City’s operating budget includes revenues for 2020 along with the costs for ongoing programs and services such as public transit, parks, roads and building maintenance, snow clearing, recreation programs and libraries. It also outlines the projected costs for delivering these services in the upcoming years. The new services being proposed in the draft budget include:

  • Adding 32,600 MiWay service hours 
  • Programming for the new Churchill Meadows Community Centre
  • Enhancing public safety and road safety

Early numbers show a proposed 4.9 per cent increase to the City’s 2020 Operating Budget to cover inflation and new services. The estimate includes a one per cent contribution to the Public Safety Fire Program plus a two per cent infrastructure levy to help the City maintain existing roads, bridges and buildings and plan for their upkeep in the future.  Including increases from the Region of Peel, residents would see an overall property tax increase of 3.04 per cent while businesses would see a 1.85 per cent increase on their bills. Over the next several months, Budget Committee and staff will continue to refine the budget and look for ways to reduce the proposed increases.  The next Budget Committee meeting will be on October 2, 2019 where staff will discuss Fees and Charges. Detailed discussions will continue on November 18, 19, 25, 26 and 27. Following committee discussions and public input, Council is scheduled to vote on the proposed budget on December 6, 2019. Please note that Budget Committee meeting dates  are subject to change. For more information about the City’s Preliminary 2020 – 2023 Business Plan and 2020 Budget, visit

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