Second Line West Traffic Calming Plan

6 November, 2020

Dear Neighbour,

I am writing to you today as I have received concerns from the community regarding speeding and aggressive driving on Second Line West.  In response to these concerns, I requested that City Traffic Staff evaluate Second Line West under the City’s Traffic Calming Program, which assesses municipal roadways for the implementation of physical traffic calming measures.  The evaluation revealed that physical traffic calming measures would be beneficial in addressing traffic safety issues on this roadway.

Physical traffic calming measures have been implemented at two other locations in the Ward 11 community and have effectively mitigated speeding and aggressive driving in these communities.  Raised intersections and raised crosswalks were installed on Westbridge Way and speed cushions were installed on Twain Avenue.  In both of these areas, vehicle operating speeds have significantly decreased and speed limit compliance has increased.  The traffic calming plan for Second Line West is as follows:

  • 9 Speed cushions installed on Second Line West, between Lamplight Way and Old Derry Rd
  • 5 Additional speed cushions installed on Second Line West, between Old Derry Rd and the north end of Second Line West

I would like to request your valued feedback on this plan.  Under normal circumstances, an in-person meeting is held to discuss proposed traffic calming plans.  However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, an in-person meeting cannot be held during this time.  As such, an online consultation is being held to provide feedback on this proposal.  Please visit and review the proposed traffic calming plan slides for Second Line West.  Please contact my office via e-mail at or via phone at 905-896-5011 and advise as to whether you support or do not support this proposed traffic calming plan.  Please provide your feedback on or before Friday, November 27, 2020.  I will compile the results of your feedback and provide you with an update as to whether this proposed traffic calming plan will be implemented on Second Line West. 

In addition to these physical traffic calming measures, the following safety measures will be implemented in this community:

  • This fall, speed limits on all of the residential streets in this area will be lowered to 40km/h per the new Council approved amendments to the City’s Traffic By-law; the new 40km/h signage will be installed this fall
  • Improvements on Second Line West, from Lamplight Way to Sombrero Way, beginning in spring 2021, as follows:
    • A new sidewalk along the west side Second Line West
    • Addition of new curbs
    • Resurfacing of the road
    • Replacement of the existing intersection at Second Line West and Sombrero Way; the new realignment of the road will join the two roads with a curve.
    • New accessible crossings at Lamplight Way
    • Existing fencing along the west side will be extended to provide greater protection to pedestrians
    • A plan for a new park and walking route on the old Second Line West road allowance, just south of Sombrero Way

Lastly, I have had an opportunity to compile all of the feedback that I received from the community on the traffic calming plan for Sombrero Way, and I can report that 88% of residents who provided feedback fully supported the implementation of this traffic calming plan.  As such, I will be supporting this traffic calming plan at an upcoming meeting of City Council.  This traffic calming plan will be implemented on Sombrero Way in the spring of 2021.  Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to receiving your feedback on the proposal for Second Line West. 

Yours truly,

George Carlson

Councillor, Ward 11


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